Monday, September 30, 2013

Alison Moyet ''The Minutes Tour' (UK/IRL Opening Night) Cork Opera House - 30 Sept 2013

As opening nights go this was as perfect as it gets. No major sound issues, a first night audience to die for in one of Europe’s emerging cities, a venue and set which were almost clinically perfect and a star exuding a renewed confidence as a live performer showcasing an album that has already been a major UK chart success and which marks a major return to form for one of the 80s most innovative pop artists. Even the warm up act 'Richard Walters' was astoundingly good with a voice that seems capable of seducing even the most jaded ear (where has he been hiding?). The set list featured all the knockout tracks from her 'Minutes' album interspersed with new takes on some of her classic 80s and 90s pop hits. Unapologetically revisiting her electronic roots, Moyet was ably assisted on stage by two stunningly talented musicians weaving a seductive soundscape and working her Cork first night audience into a frenzy. Never overly nostalgic and always original and challenging, Moyet admonished one of her fans for asking her to sing her hit ‘Invisible’ which she firmly proclaimed “I am never singing again” although she had no such qualms about revisiting most of the remaining back catalogue of major hits. Her audience seemed aware that this incarnation of their idol is a very different one to the 80s pop star they first encountered. Now very firmly a pop Diva (in the best sense of that word) this outstanding vocal magician is looking and singing better than ever and is riding the wave of what has been her biggest album in a decade. Apart from the classic hits which have stood the test of time to become pop classics, highlights of the night came very firmly from the new material with tracks such as ‘Remind Yourself’, ‘When I was your Girl’, ‘Love Reign Supreme’ and a stunning evocative performance of one of the new album’s most original songs ‘Filigree’. Finishing with a rousing revival of one of her initial Yazoo breakthrough hits ‘Don’t Go’ this tour is a must see throughout UK this Oct and extending later to the US & South Africa. Frankly it is just great to see Moyet back on form, being appreciated for the major talent that she is and having hit albums again after almost 30 years of making great original music. Don’t Miss the second coming of this true vocal genius and a slick stage show that proves yet again how good the UK are at producing brilliant pop music, if only they would ditch the XFactor rubbish and return to supporting long careers for classic and talented artists such as Alson Moyet. &

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