Monday, May 31, 2010

Finbar Wright- Bringing 'The Irish Tenor' to the Modern World

The Irish Tenor for the Modern World
Review: Finbar Wright Live in Concert:
Venue: Gaiety Theatre Dublin
Date:Sun 23 May 2010
Finbar Wright is the greatest Irish Tenor of his generation and a fine singer in any genre. The genre he is identified with ‘the Irish Tenor’ has suffered from a degree of unfashionable and often embarassing performers over the years who damaged the appeal of a once popular music field. Through a well planned series of excellent and successful recordings issued over the last 10 years or so, Finbar Wright has restored the reputation of the Irish Tenor not just In his native country but abroad, particularly in the USA where he has a significant following as a live artist. His concert at the Gaiety had been cancelled 2 weeks before due to Wright's recent persistent throat problems but the show was worth waiting for. His live shows are always a delight but his performances on the 2010 tour have been among his best to date. Moving with ease from the regular Irish tenor fare through to songs from writers as diverse as Leonard Cohen, Jimmy Mc Carthy and Lennon/McCartney, Wright proved yet again that not only can he sing in any musical style but he can interpret each piece in a unique and original fashion. His audiences at live shows are a diverse and eclectic mix of young and old. This Irish star is really at his peak just now and his voice and vocal range never better. He is one international hit album away from being a new Pavarotti, a man he paid tribute to in this show though in style he perhaps owes more to greats such as Mario Lanza and John McCormack. Over the next few years with the right recordings and a braver choice of repertoire, he could move to even-greater success. Right now we are fortunate that the genre of the Irish Tenor is in safe hands. Another feature of the show's success is Wright's choice of excellent musicians to accompany him. For his Gaiety theatre show his ensemble included the brilliant classical guitarist Conor McClane, backing singers The Cookies and the musical genuis that is Andy O'Callaghan ,who as musical director for many high profile Irish live artists manages to make all those he works with sound amazing.

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